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Group Discussion of the Timorese Students
Source:Timorese Student


On Saturday 31st of January 2015, Timorese students re-organized study group program which has been stopped quite 6 months. This study group is an informal education program where students can talks, debates, discuss and sharing their ideas in some specific area related with their studies, life and nation building.


The main topic for the discussion was How Social Media Affected Our Lives. During the discussion, every student had a chance to share and express their knowledge and experiences about its topic. There was also a group discussion where the students divided into the two groups and the most of students said that the role of social media has influenced their life positively and give them a big benefit to learn more about life and their studies.  Some students was undertaken that, through the social media everyone enable to access the information and connectable with all of the people around the world.


For the time management related to this topic, most of students came out with one idea which is how to manage well the times and always put the study as the priority.